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KOLCHIN Boris Nikolaevich

Head coach of VC "Dinamo" (Moscow)

Born on 29 September 1957

Champion of the USSR in the composition of Riga "Radiotekhnik"

In the team "Dynamo" in 2004, again from 2017

Master of sports of international class

Champion of the USSR, 1984

In 1988, started his speech in Italian club "Prato" as a player, after his sports career he worked in Italy

In 2001-2004 as a senior trainer worked in Belgorod "the locomotive-Belogore", becoming the triple champion of Russia

In 2004, goes to the Moscow "Dynamo" wins the silver medal of the Cup of Russia, however from January 29 inferior to the post of chief coach of VC "Dinamo", becoming head of all the volleyball teams "Dynamo", including women and youth club.

From 2005 to 2010 worked as head coach of the Novy Urengoy "Fakel"

In 2011, topped the women's club "Dynamo" (Moscow)

In 2014 he returned to Belgorod as the head coach of "Belogorie"

In 2016-17, he worked with men's and youth national teams of Latvia

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Cup of Russia Champions League