The new season starts in October in Moscow!
The new season in the domestic championship for the fans of the Moscow źDynamo╗ will start on September 10-th, when the team will hold a first round match on the floor of the Palace of Sports źDynamo╗.


What place in the championship of Russia 2018 will take volleyball club Dinamo Moscow?


2014-2015 team

Sports club "Dinamo" (Moscow) has been formed in 2001. Revival of a man's volleyball command "Dinamo", victoriousáblue-white traditions in volleyball, and also popularisation of the given kind of sports in our country became an overall objective of its creation.

For the period which has passed from this point on volleyball club "Dinamo" has achieved the right to act in elite Russian battalion, twice became the Champion of the country, three times silver and once the bronze prize-winner of superiority of the Superleague, became the owner of the Cup of the country, and also the owner of the Supercup of Russia first in the Russian history twice.

Since 2005 the team invariably takes part in the strongest club tournament – the European Champions League where in 2006 has achieved the right to struggle for a victory among four strongest clubs of continent. In 2007 carrying out of "Final four" European Champions League on which at the Moscow palace "Megasports" there was record for such tournaments a quantity of fans ľ 12 000 has been entrusted team "Dinamo".

From beginning of existence, in volleyball club "Dinamo" was players of Russian national team, and also sportsmen which known all over the world - Vladimir Grbich, Domenik Daken, Juber Enno, Matej Kazijski, Matej Chernich, Dante acted. Since 2006 in Russian national team are involved 5-6 volleyball players.

In a season of 2010 the command has achieved the most serious success on international scene from the moment of revival. Dynamo's players have made the way in a Champions League final where have conceded to Italian of "Trentino". Now the command "Dynamo" is one of leaders of the Russian volleyball.á

In the season of 2012 Muscovites have very serious achievements in the international arena - to win the CEV Cup, Dynamo always proved stronger than the Polish club "Resovia." Also "Dynamo" won the silver medal in the championship of Russia - the second year in a row.

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